Best Practice for controlling a Dimmer from KNX?

Hello Guys.
Wondering what would be the best practice for controlling HUE dimmers from KNX devices? I can get it working when “linking” them inside the channels area - but i think it starts getting very “not clear” what is linked with that…

My KNX Push Buttons sends either ON/OFF or DIM Relative - so i don’t get any % value out from that. When debugging in the Log, i only see that the ON/OFF Commands are send - then the “Dimmer” changes from 0-100% - i don’t see the “Relative” Commands anywhere in the LOG… But in the KNX monitor in ETS i see that it triggers with DPT 3.007 Dimming Control

Is there a way doing a “Standard Translation” Link in a Rule or what is best practice?

A rule.

Totally agree on that after getting started with it…

Please be aware that openHAB normally does not use start-stop dimming, where it is the common way to dimm in knx.
So either use frequent dimming or configure openHAB knx do it for you, this is to set the frequency parameter to something other than 0, for example 400 (400msec between two INCREASE/DECREASE commands)

Thanks Udo, haven’t had that in mind…
wondering if dimming with dot 3.007 would be preferable - or Program something alternative to get more flexibility - so the KNX device only sends a rising edge - and evaluate on that to see if it is multiple taps, or dimming…
then the push button could be very flexible and has many functions

In fact, I’m using knx wall switches to control my music (only track and volume…) and using a dimmer switch for that. I configured frequent telegrams, as I did it ages ago (~2012).
I have a simple rule for that, dimmer item received command (it’s a dimmer-control channel) and in the rule I do a switch-case for ON, OFF, INCREASE and DECREASE command. Really simple.
Another thing I did is a single wall switch button to control a blind to go up/down AND stop. But the button should also work when openHAB is down (and the button has a limitation not so send both up and down command), at least for up and down, so I came to a nasty solution. Here I’m using a dimmer switch as well, and as a short press is OFF or ON (which is UP or DOWN for rollerhsutter) I linked the short press GA with the long command (so a short press will directly command the shutter in knx).
The long press GA is received in openHAB as a number-control Channel (with DPT 3.007). I don’t mind which command is received, but only if a command is received, then the rule is sending a STOP command to the shutter. Works like a charm :wink: