Best Practice - HABPanel Security Cameras

Would it make the most sense to just have a separate Dashboard that contains the ip camera feeds and have a button on my other dashboards (i.e. bedroom, basement) that can switch to it? I would also have to have buttons on the camera dashboard to get back to the other dashboards…

Is it possible to have a button to popup a page with the camera feeds on it and have an “X” at the top right to exit this popup?

I would do separate Dashboard that contains the ip camera. But that’s me.

I never saw X at the top right but you can add button in your panel with Action type “navigate to another dashboard” qnd select your dashboard.
So if you put your button somwhere with a X it will jump back to the dashboard chosen.

I figured out what I’m going to do. I’m going to have 3 separate surveillance dashboards tied to their respective dashboards around the house. This way, I have a button say on the foyer dashboard that leads to the foyer_surveillance dashboard. On that dashboard, I have a button that says “Back” that will return me to the main foyer dashboard. I run them on kiosk mode so there won’t be any dashboard titles except the header widget I’m running. All 3 of the surveillance dashboards look the same. The main difference is each one’s “Back” button is tied to a different main dashboard.

I think this will work well for me. I was just trying to create a good user interface.