Best practices for z-wave?

Thank you @chris. I will do that, but with the issues that I then got into in 2.5

and the need to have a working system for living in, I fired up Z-way and got a working system there. While limited of course. It is a pity that I could not get the Z-wave binding to initialize the Aeon labs heavy duty switch properly, and some other devices, because that wold have been an acceptable solution for me.

It seems that I should create Things in 2.4, because devices are correctly identified there, and then move to 2.5 perhaps to fix associations. I will post results when I completed this move.

I would love to stay in openHAB, but stability in the z-wave network is essential for me since I decided to focus on z-wave when building my system.

I will try to provide some additional information on what I am seeing, once I have completed this process.