Best practices semantic classes; how to stay consistent?

Setting up locations in OH3 is pretty straight forward. Now I’m adding all my things and creating equipments/points/items et al.

I realise there no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ when setting the semantic classes and properties. But how do you guys stay consistent?

I notice that one time I define something as a ‘control’ and the next time as a ‘switch’. I keep looking at a 2nd and 3rd screen to see how I did it with a similar thing.

Pleas share your best practices

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There is at least one who thread on that here. The Virtual Meetup also have a demonstration example.

I,'ve seen the virtual meetup and more specific the presentation from Yannick (twice).

What I mean is that I am being inconsistent while adding all my things. I’m currently keeping a (paper) list on how I define classes so I do it the same with similar hardware.

Try here.

So to get the cool automatic icons on the location based cards you have to get this correct. I checked out this code [1] to see what it’s looking for and this fixed why status icons were not showing. If I get time I may document this.

[1] openhab-webui/status-badge.vue at master · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub

I was thinking it would be useful if you could define templates so for example my LG TV Equipment was setup correctly with all the point classes defined to work.
But at the moment I also have a bit of paper with what I’ve worked out.

Yes, a template would be a nice feature. But I can imagine its very complicated to develop since a couple of entries are depending on the ‘thing’.
My old-fashion piece of paper works fine. And it helps me to understand the impact of certain choices.

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It is also recyclable :smiley:

Attached is a table describing the requirements of the types needed for stuff to show on the location cards screen. We should maybe add this to the Sematic docs? (I can’t attach .md files so it is text. It is in Markdown)
Controls and Sensor types.txt (1.9 KB)


Perhaps submit a documentation PR ? I believe the website uses Markdown.

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Small typo in
‘‘‘These don’t care about equ-i-pment and just look at points‘‘‘

Nice overview!

Hi Garth

I found these notes on the At-a-glance modules really helpful when working out which status items would be appearing on the Location based cards.