Best roller blind Controller

Hi all,
I have a number of roller blinds and want to control them, I have tried 2 different types but it turns out they are both Tuya devices. I am located in Australia and would like to know if anyone has had luck in finding a compatible product, my system is below.

Openhab 4
Dell server with Windows 10
Sonoff Ember coordinator (Zigbee)
Philips Hue

I would appreciate any advice

Hi, I am in Australia and I have 10 of these:

I bought the 240v type and wired them in. I have them running on zigbee2mqtt. I like these because I also bought the RF remote that comes with them as well so the wife can just press that and they work and I can program using zigbee.

The link mentions Tuya smart life but I only buy Tuya stuff if it has zigbee as you don’t need the app from Tuya at all to make it work.

You can open blinds all at once or individually with the remote.

I use this openHab widget:

I am running openHab 4.1.3
Dell power edge R210ii with proxmox
zigbee2mqtt (which is fantastic)

Good luck

Thanks for the reply, I cant use 240v as the locations of the windows wont allow for mains power, Tuya products have always been a problem for me, but I think it might be the Sonoff Ember coordinator (Zigbee) that I am using, so I will now order a Conbee 3 to see if that works better, again thank you.

This is the one I am using.

I am using the poe model which can also do USB and wifi.

Don’t know why the link is in German, but you get the idea.

I have tons of zigbee devices but honestly I would not use that if there is access to a power line.

My ultimate recommendation is the Shelly 2PM.

  • full position control: Due to the calibration system you get a perfectly working position control of your blinds
  • internal automations. You can place script-automations directly on the Shelly so they work completely autonomous without openhab
  • directly connect a Bluetooth remote control
  • completely local if you like
  • 14-34 V DC or 110-240 V AC

(and yes, I’m a Shelly fanboy. They’re incredible for the home automation tinkerer)

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Not sure what is the problem here. I‘m using Zwave Fibaro and Qubino roller shutter controllers. Both work fine since 8 years.

I also use Fibaro for 7 years and I think they are the one of the most reliable devices I have