Best UK Lightbulb for Zigbee with Telegesis

Hi @chris,

I’m new to openhab and i’m just getting setup.
I am currently installing openHABian onto a raspberry pi model b+.
I have ordered a Telegesis USB Stick ETRX357USB-LRS to control some zigbee devices.
From reading the zigbee binding documentation, I can see that Osram bulbs are for the most part supported but Innr bulbs may not work with the Telegesis dongle.
Would I be right in saying the Innr bulbs that are not supported are those that are Zigbee 3 standard?
Could you recommend which of the following bulbs would be best to try?


Is there another smart bulb you would recommend instead?

Thanks for your help,

No - there are very few ZB3 bulbs available at the moment, and the Innr bulbs were not ZB3 if I remember correctly.

In general, if you use the Osram bulbs you should be fine - I don’t think I’ve come across any incompatibility with Osram and Telegesis.

Thanks a lot @chris. I’ll give the Osram bulbs a go and let you know how I get on.
Thanks again,

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