Best way to display list of strings (text)?

I’m working on a binding that can provide a list of errors, basically a list of strings. I’m new to openhab development and therefore wondering, what would be the best way to provide/expose that functionality, so one could see within the GUI something like:

  • 3-phase incorrect order @ 090319 18:21:05
  • Compressor superheat (GT6) @ 090319 12:56:45
  • Low pressure switch (LP) @ 090508 09:22:14
  • Outdoor sensor (GT2) @ 090505 03:13:46

The list has variable size and can be empty as well…

Hi crnjan, this is right on something I’m looking for also. How did you progress with your development?


Unfortunately I did not find a solution and ended up with displaying last error only - so a single value. AFAIK there is a StringListType, but not sure if existing UIs support its rendering…