Best way to handle HomeMatic Groups

Hi There,

I’ve a room with multiple HomeMatic (Non-IP) Radiator thermostats and a wall thermostat. The are linked using a HomeMatic Group. Manually everything works fine.

Now I want to control the heaters using OpenHab. The Problem ist, that a group is read only, so I can’t write the SET_TEMPERATURE to the group.
Is there another way than sending the SET_TEMPERATURE to every member of the group? I’ve did that in the past, but it sometimes works and sometimes didn’t and I don’t know why?


Hi Pascal,

if you have the thermostats and a wall thermostat already grouped it should be sufficient to send the SET_TEMPERATURE to the wall thermostat from openHAB, which then in turn controls and send this to all the grouped/linked thermostats.

This is then the same as setting the desired temperture on the wall thermostat manually.

This is the way I have set it up here, also with non-IP devices.

Hope this helps.