Best way to switch on certain lights

I transform my problem a bit to keep my question short :wink:
Lets say I have a smart (physical) switch accessible as an item in oh3.
With that switch I want to turn on CERTAIN lights/switches (to which lamps are connected).
How (and where in the GUI) can I “group/mark” those items and what is the correct rule/script to turn them on?


I am pretty sure that somewhere in this great community there is already an answer, but I didnt find anything that helped me really…

thanks in advance,

I would put all lights of the desired set in an additional separate group switch and switch the group on/off with a rule.

There are a number of approaches that could work. Without more detail it’s impossible to tell what the best one would be.

The simplest would be @JGluch’s suggestion. Create a Group Item of type Switch. Add the Light Items as members of that Group. Then any command sent to the Group gets sent to all the members of the Group.

For the rule, you can use a simple UI rule. When the Item representing the switch changes, command the Group Item accordingly. See Rules - Basic | openHAB

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