Best way to track famil?

As i become more familiar with owntracks and MQTT, I live the ability to see on map where my wife and I. And i hope to start live tracking soon. My wife is a runner and although has a fit bit will still be cool to live track her runs.

But what about kids? My son is only 5 and will not be getting any kind of cell phone for several years. Does anyone know of any good ideas to track their movement? I was hoping for some kind of key fob i could attach to his book bag?

There are devices such as these: ( there are differnet brands out there )

In essence its a BLE beacon which if “seen” by other people running the trakr app on their smartphone will report back the location of the device to the webservice which you can then see…( they call this crowd GPS )

so as long as you live in a city where lots of people have this app, then it may work for you,…

In Sydney Australia, when I tried them, there was not so many, so its pretty useless…

You could possibly try using a Pebble Core, it has GPS and mobile data.

I just did a basic google search and came up with this article here.

Alot of options include monthly subscriptions which I am hoping to avoid. But I really do like this ‘HereO’ kids GPS/Watch