Best ZWave controller for OpenHAB?

What does everyone recommend for a zwave controller?

I have used the Aeon Labs Z-Stick USB dongle

and I am currently using the ZME UZB ZWave plus controller

both of them worked decently well, but now and then I would have some network delays and once in a while I’d have to unplug the controller and plug it back in.

I’d like to get the most rock solid controller available.

I am fine using either a USB dongle or I would also be willing to use another type of controller.

Does anyone have an opinion of the best controller for use with OpenHAB?

I run OpenHAB on top of debian linux if that makes a difference…

Hello mbelleville,

i’ve used the Vision-ZWave+ Stick and had the same problems as you. Now im using der Razberry-Module since 1 Month and had no problems with it.


if I use Razberry do I need to run openhab on the RPi that has the Razberry board connected to it? Or can I just use the RPi+Razberry as the zwave gateway and have openhab running on a separate server?

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yes you are right, but you can forward your serial port over tcp/ip with ser2net and for linux and windows there are clients to receive that see here:

I have used this for a while, until i switched to a banana pi which have enough resources for OpenHab.


Hi Herbert,

can you tell me, how do you did this!

How watch the ser2net.conf and the openhab.cfg?

My conf doesn´t work


3335:raw:0:/dev/ttyUSB0:115200 8DATABITS NONE 1STOPBIT


zwave:healtime = 2
zwave:setSUC = true
zwave:softReset = false
zwave:masterController = true

By Alex