Beta Tester(s) for Inovelli Blue Series (Zigbee) 2-1 Switch

Thanks to @rlkoshak for allowing this – really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Hey all!

Wanted to see if anyone would be willing to help us with a project that is launching in July?

Project Page: ZigBee 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) | Project New Horizon (Blue Series) - Projects & Roadmaps - Inovelli Community

Product Page: Blue Series Smart 2-1 Switch (On/Off or Dimmer) | ZigBee | Inovelli

What we’re specifically looking for is to make sure everything works as intended on the OpenHAB platform. The product is Zigbee 3.0 and is going though certifications right now, but what I’m thinking is that there may be some additional coding that would be required to get certain features to work properly (ie: animated notifications, scene control, etc) as we’ve had to do a lot of custom coding on other platforms.

Anyway, feel free to PM me or respond here and I’ll reach out.

Preferably looking for someone in North America, but we’re open to international testers (just need to have 120V and the North American style gang-box).


Founder | Inovelli

PM sent.

Hi Eric,

Don’t know if this is still applicable…

But my setup is on the OpenHab platform. I have Red Series Switches and Dimmers (i wrote to you, or the other Eric on Reddit). And was thinking of getting a few Blue Series Switches since the Red are nowhere to be found!

Anyway, best regards,
Maxime Lussier (MxMLssR)

Hi @Eric_Inovelli

Did the openhab tests go anywhere?

I have just received one blue series dimmer. On/off/dimming control works but I’d love to tap into the scene control and light bar settings.

Did scenes ever get implemented?