Beta testing app for Tizen (Samsung) smart watches

Hi, Amin

I actually didn’t notice any differences between the device and emulator until I targeted Tizen 2 in the app manifest. I then noticed UI differences between device and emulator, both running Tizen 4. This was also one of the reasons for leaving Tizen 2 behind.

Hi Stefan,

that’s what I anticipated. A big thanks anyway for developing and making available this useful app!

I’ll do some checks and tests on the connection issue via bluetooth next days. In case of any findings I’ll post them here.

Question to others with Stefan’s app on Galaxy Watch connected to an iPhone: Having similar issues or is there anybody where it works via bluetooth connection?



Thanks for this, it looks great! I’ve connected but I’m wondering what the App uses for it’s sitemap choices? I have a choice of two sitemaps and I can see that one is the ClassicUi but I’m not sure where the other choice (the app labels it ‘My Home Autom…’) is getting it’s items from, it doesn’t seem to be from my Habpanel sitemap which is the one I primarily use.

Glad that you like the app!

It uses the same sitemap configuration as Basic UI. I have only briefly tested Habpanel so I don’t know if its configuration in some way maps to the sitemap configuration.

Ok thanks, I’ve never actually used the BasicUI - I will have to get a sitemap setup on there. Thanks again!

Hello, do you have any plans to support the new OH3?

Yes, it’s currently in app store review which usually takes between one and two weeks if it’s accepted.

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That’s great news, thanks for your work on this app


do you Plan to release the app for the new next gen smartwatches running wear os 3 ? Samsung and google will develop it together and the new Samsung watches will run with wear os 3. So you need only one app for nearly all android smart watches. If I can help you with testing or something let me know. I think wear os 3 will be released in the next few moth.

regards JD

I don’t know. So far I’ve seen very little information about app development on the platform. Since the app is made for Tizen it may very well require a complete rewrite.
If they leave some compatibility layer for Tizen apps I will probably find the time to make it run on the next generation OS, but I won’t have enough spare time for a rewrite.

Hello there,
I got this problem with the home app:

I’ve never seen this message. It looks like an unlocalized dialog from the app runtime which the app itself has no control over.
Which version of Tizen is running on the watch and when does it happen?

I simply created a new user, then the error was gone.