Binary values 24h behind


I’m using rrd4j (a current 1.8.0 snapshot) with a ‘standard’ setup (no specific lines in neither openhab.cfg nor used in rules) to store all sorts of values.
My problem is that all binary values such as Switch (OnOffType) or Contact seem to be 24 hours behind.
Using debugging, I do see they’re stored, but when graphed using habmin, the last 24h are not displayed.
Numeric values and their graphing are fine meanwhile.

Any idea what to look for ? My attempts to define a different storage strategy in openhab.cfg for these items failed, just gets me errors in log, so if that’s the missing point, please give a comprehensive example for a switch item.


Persistence configurations are made in the persistence/rrd4j.persist file, not openhab.cfg. The full documentation for how to setup and use persistence is documented here and rrd4j is documented here.

With rrd4j, strange things happen in charting and queries when you do not use an everyMinute strategy.

Thanks for your willingness to help, but you missed the point. Some parameters such as the number of storage buckets, and how compression works in general, cannot be set in rrd4j.persist.
But maybe you can in openhab.cfg, I’ve seen people try that, so that’s why I have been asking for that.
[ ok, I shouldn’t have written ‘strategy’, that probably made you believe it’s about the strategy you define in rrd4j.persist - sorry ]
Yes, I had also read somewhere about the need to use the everyMinute strategy, so that’s what I already did for the binary values in question.

By the way, when I was using db4o, I observed this kind of problem, too (although I’m not sure if it was for binary values only as I do see now in rrd4j, and I obviously cannot check it out quickly because I need to wait 24 hrs…)
So I suspect my problem is not specific to rrd4j !?

Probably an obvious thing, but is the machine click on your openHAB machine in sync with the machine you are browsing from? I’ve not seen this error before and I’ve done nothing special to make it work.

In OH 1.xx you cannot change the compression strategy used by rrd4j. That is likely to be a new feature in OH 2., if it hasn’t already been implemented.

Machines are in sync, of course .
I can plot a graph of a binary and a non-binary value, the non-binary shows up as expected (until current time), and even the binary’s graph is fine - just that it ends at (now - 24 hrs).

Odd. Well I’m stumped.

Have you tried generating the charts using the chart servlet or the rrd4j charting service in addition to Habmin? Are they all 24 hours behind?

I’m totally grasping at straws but that is what I would check next.