Bind NTP and KNX

Hi, I have a DateTime item that I want to bind to KNX (I want the date and time to be posted to the KNX bus)
I do it this way:

DateTime dtFechaHoraKnx1 {ntp=“Europe/Madrid:ES”, knx=“10.001:0/0/1, 11.001:0/0/2”}

As long as I am concerned, this has been working for months…
…but now I have realized that OpenHAB shows a message at start-up saying that the item cannot be parsed:

“Binding configuration of type ‘knx’ of item ‘dtFechaHoraKnx1‘ could not be parsed correctly.
org.openhab.model.item.binding.BindingConfigParseException: No more than 1 datapoint definitions are allowed for this item”

I have two datapoints because the first one is for the “time” and the second is for the “date”.

I am sure this has worked in the past, so I guess something has been changed.
In fact, the item definition was copied from an example shown in the NTP description of the OpenHAB web:

How can I fix this?

I interpret this error to mean that you cannot have two binding configs for the same DateTime Items. Have you tried separating them into two separate Items?

I can’t answer if this is changed behavior or not. But you can work around it by creating a proxy Item and a rule that updates the proxy when ever the NTP Item or the KNX Item changes.

Yes, it is indeed changed behavior (and not a planned one), see >>here<< (with temporary solution)

The workaround seems to work!