Binding and/or reccomended approach for WIFI Sensors

Hello everyone,

  • Hardware: Raspberry PI
  • OS: Openhabian_
  • Java Runtime Environment: which java platform is used and what version
  • openHAB version:3.2

I have got some Sonoff Wifi door sensors (ordered by mistake). Based on that I would like to know whether wifi sensors fit with OH.

I am informed on data transport and high battery usage issues. I was not able to find a tutorial that covers this topic.

Question that I have is whether I should stop any further investigation, but rather order zigbee enabled eqyipment instead of?

Or if it is there an appropriate binding and approach that can address my use case and spare nature for garbage?

thanks in advance

Is it this one?

If so, looks like it can be flashed with Tasmota. You would then communicate via MQTT. If you know only some of these words turn there’s a fair bit of learning.

Or search this forum for a Sonoff or Ewelink binding - I think there’s one floating around… and here it is, first hit. Not sure if it’s compatible though: