Binding are auto-updating

Anyone know how to disable, automatic updates of bindings. This has caused me problems far too many times. I downloaded and installed OH 2.5.2 roughly a year ago. Not sure how | when this problem started, but I can’t figure out how to stop it. Some have suggest that I turned this feature on, and other that I must be running update scripts.

Installing the MQTT binding this morning, and watching the logs, is when this was caught.

This cannot be stopped. It’s due to the way karaf decides what shall be installed. It started when we started micro-versions (2.5.x).

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Is this expected in OH3 too?

Not between 3.0 and 3.1, it‘s an effect of the micro-versions. TTBOMK we don‘t plan 3.0.x versions.

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Thanks. I thought I saw somewhere there were planned monthly releases of 3.x.x. I assumed it would be similar to 2.5.x.

The plan is to have monthly Milestones for openHAB 3.1

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When I started with OH about 2 years ago, openHAB was on a 6 month release cycle and Home Assistant had just moved from 1 week to 2 weeks.

Now, Home Assistant has moved to a 1 month cycle and OH 3.1 is planning the same cycle.

One reason I moved to OH was the long release cycle with the careful development testing stages, It appears many of those differences have disappeared.

No, openHAB 3.1 is scheduled in about 6 month, we are just doing milestones in between, aka „testing“…

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Can you clarify this statement? Do bindings “auto-update” in OH3?

I just checked and my production system still shows 2.5.2 bindings. I never saw a need for any newer OH2 binsindg. They did not apparently auto-update at that micro-version.

Only if you install a new binding. As long as you don’t touch the bindings, everything stays where it is.

But: if you have 2.5.2 installed and then later (when 2.5.11 is available) install a binding that was not installed before, you‘ll most probably get 2.5.11 also on the installed bindings.

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