Binding are not getting installed?


I use openHab on my Synology NAS, 2.5.2.

Installed TP-Link Binding, works fine.
Now I wanted to install other bindings, but all I get is a busy icon to install and nothing more ?

Permissions problem? How can I fix it?


Refresh your browsers page or close the tab and reopen.

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including restart, does not help.

an other installation on a pi works fine here, must have something todo with synolgy.

Possible. Don’t have one so can’t help.
Check the permissions for all folders.

I am not a Linix crack, so I do not know how to do that.

Also double check the install docs:

I am not a Linux guy, so what should I do with this information.
I do not know about the file structure of openHab.
Java is installed of course.
openHab is running, but does not install binding. What, as a user, can I do now?

You are a forum user since five years, please don’t ask such questions and use the search function and the openHAB docs to find the answers.

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Thx for help.

Cannot find anything according to my problem inside the forum or web. Of course as a beginner (just registered 5 years ago) I do not have the correct search phrases.

Also after a neu install, the same, no binding is installed.
This is the end for me with synology…