Binding cardio2e


Sometimes I have this NACK from cardio2e:


It’s possible to capture this transaction in a rule ?

Best Regards,
Fernando Gomes

If your getting this error while a rule is being executed then you can add logging to help find where the error is occurring in your rule.

If this error has nothing to do with a rule then enable DEBUG for the binding and watch the logs for additional info.

If that event is captured and presented in a Channel on a Thing, then you can trigger a Rule on that event on the Item.

If there is a distinct log entry, you can use the Log Reader Binding to watch the logs and generate an event on an Item when it sees that log line.

Hi, Fernando.

I did the initial development of the binding.

Could I help you with the NACK?

NACK means that the Cardio IIé does not accept the command that the binding sent to Cardio’s serial interface. It would be necessary to find out in the log (DEBUG level) which sent command and value produce this NACK.

I would need the complete NACK log entry and item definitions of HVAC Cardio controls.