Binding configuration for Aeon Labs ZW080 Siren

I need some guidance regarding the binding configuration for Aeon Labs ZW080 Siren.
If I add the following binding I can switch the siren on/off:
but if search the forum and look at the documentation regarding items it shall be possible
to declare the binding as follows but none of these works:
and for configuration of sound it shall be possible to add the binding
What am I doing wrong here? Please give me some input?

The Item binding config that starts with “zwave” only works with the 1.x version of the zwave binding. You are using the 2.0 version binding so can only reference Channels.

I do not know if there is a way to configure parameters using Channels. I know you can set parameters through Habmin though.

Ok, thanks for clearing that out. It’s a little bit confusing with all the
mixed information for openhab 1 and 2 in this forum. So it’s not possible
to set configuration paramereters through items and channels? I ran into
this topic and it
seems that this is what I need? I cannot found any information regarding
how to use it in openhab2 though?

Assuming that issue does implement what you are looking for it has been implemented. I’ve not seen any examples or documentation for how to do it.

Is this still unsolved?

Clocking on the links to the issues shows Chris implemented the changes 7 months ago.

I have not been able to get this to work. I cannot find any information how to use configuration with channels.