- Binding configuration of type 'channel' of item 'GF_Woonkamer_Light' could not be parsed correctly. org.eclipse.smarthome.model.item.BindingConfigParseException: UID must have at least 4 segments

Hi, i am a Newby with programming and have used Homebuilder to create a sitemap and Items file to be used for a Velux Binding.
I paste the files in the correct folders but get above error and when the binding is almost active i see a msg that says "Active items are: [] "
But i dont know what is ment with the msg “BindingConfigParseException: UID must have at least 4 segments”
The items file look like below,

Does anyone know what it means and how to solve ?

Group Home “Ons Huis” [“Building”]

Group GF “Ground Floor” (Home) [“GroundFloor”]
Group F2 “Second Floor” (Home) [“SecondFloor”]
Group F3 “Third Floor” (Home) [“ThirdFloor”]

Group GF_Hal “Hal” (Home, GF)
Group GF_Keuken “Keuken” (Home, GF)
Group GF_Woonkamer “Woonkamer” (Home, GF)
Group GF_Wc “WC” (Home, GF)
Group F2_Badkamer “Badkamer” (Home, F2)
Group F2_SlaapkamerVoor “Slaapkamer voor” (Home, F2)
Group F2_SlaapkamerAchter “Slaapkamer achter” (Home, F2)
Group F2_SlaapkamerJohnIngrid “Slaapkamer John&Ingrid” (Home, F2)
Group F2_Overloop “Overloop” (Home, F2)
Group F3_Zolder “Zolder” (Home, F3)

Switch GF_Hal_Light “Light” (GF_Hal, gLight) [“Lighting”, “Switchable”] {channel=""}
Switch GF_Keuken_Light “Light” (GF_Keuken, gLight) [“Lighting”, “Switchable”] {channel=""}
Rollershutter GF_Keuken_Shutter “Roller Shutter” (GF_Keuken, gShutter) [“Rollershutter”] {channel=""}
Switch GF_Woonkamer_Light “Light” (GF_Woonkamer, gLight) [“Lighting”, “Switchable”] {channel=""}
Switch GF_Wc_Light “Light” (GF_Wc, gLight) [“Lighting”, “Switchable”] {channel=""}
Switch F2_Badkamer_Light “Light” (F2_Badkamer, gLight) [“Lighting”, “Switchable”] {channel=""}
Rollershutter F2_Badkamer_Shutter “Roller Shutter” (F2_Badkamer, gShutter) [“Rollershutter”] {channel=""}
Switch F2_SlaapkamerVoor_Light “Light” (F2_SlaapkamerVoor, gLight) [“Lighting”, “Switchable”] {channel=""}
Rollershutter F2_SlaapkamerVoor_Shutter “Roller Shutter” (F2_SlaapkamerVoor, gShutter) [“Rollershutter”] {channel=""}
Switch F2_SlaapkamerAchter_Light “Light” (F2_SlaapkamerAchter, gLight) [“Lighting”, “Switchable”] {channel=""}
Switch F2_SlaapkamerJohnIngrid_Light “Light” (F2_SlaapkamerJohnIngrid, gLight) [“Lighting”, “Switchable”] {channel=""}
Switch F2_Overloop_Light “Light” (F2_Overloop, gLight) [“Lighting”, “Switchable”] {channel=""}
Switch F3_Zolder_Light “Light” (F3_Zolder, gLight) [“Lighting”, “Switchable”] {channel=""}
Rollershutter F3_Zolder_Shutter “Roller Shutter” (F3_Zolder, gShutter) [“Rollershutter”] {channel=""}

Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) gLight “Light” (Home) [“Lighting”, “Switchable”]
Group:Rollershutter:OR(UP, DOWN) gShutter “Roller Shutter” (Home) [“Rollershutter”]

I don’t use the velux binding myself, but a quick look at the docs

Tells me that your channel definition must contain a master type and a subtype and my maybe other parameters
Have a thorough read (and don’t forget to install the binding)
Maybe it will help if you work on one item only and start defining groups etc only after you got your first item working

Thanks for the reply !
i was working with more items because the homebuilder created the file for me.
but i can always try to do it with one.
i only just dont know how yto deal with that mastertype and subtype, maybe there are other who are using th binding ?

The docs can give you clues and just experiment a little. Sorry but I am not using this binding so cannot help you more…

If you use the paper ui than you don’t need to
{channel=""}, I think that makes the error. Its for openhab1x itemlinking

Thanks Daan,
i changed it and indeed no errors.