Binding creation in VSCode

Is there a way of creating a binding skeleton within VSCode, or do I need to run the scrpt manually?

Binding development I believe is intended to be done using Eclipse. The VSCode OH extension is intended for creating OH configurations, not bindings.

I’m sure it can be configured to do OH binding development, but you will largely be on your own. There are certainly no documentation to guide you.

For your specific question, there is the terminal pane where you can run the script manually.

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Developing a binding requires a full blown Eclipse IDE that supports OSGI, Java packages and whatnot.
(disclaimer: I’ve developed a binding, but don’t consider myself a Java developer :wink: )
You could technically install Java language support in VSCode, but I doubt you’ll be able to fully configure everything you need there.

There were attempts to set up IntelliJ IDEA to run openHAB dev environment, but I didn’t follow the subject and don’t know what was the outcome.

Also take a look at Developers Guide in our docs. There’s a plenty of hints on how to setup your IDE and create a binding.

Good luck!

Thanks guys, i’d guessed that was the case. Thanks for responding.