Binding Developers - How do you deal with updates to openhab-distro?

I helped developed the omnilink binding - so I am not new to Openhab binding development. I am working on another binding and keep running into an issue w/ the openhab-distro project.

If you follow the instructions to configure the Openhab IDE, you end up with the openhab-distro and openhab-addons git repositories. The openhab-distro contains config, launchers, etc to start openhab.

The config starts up a bunch of different bindings and has a bunch of things defined. When you are working on your binding development, this is noise that gets in the way your work.

So, I go through and comment out all the items that I don’t care about, add my changes so I can test my binding and all is good.

Until I want to get the latest version of Openhab to test against. So I do a git pull, and now I am merging/conflict pain… Almost every single time.

Is there a different strategy?

I really only want to test my binding against the latest version of Openhab in a clean environment and be able to keep updating Openhab to get the latest release as I am doing it.