Binding Development

I like to create a Binding which heares to Commands like Light turned on or light turned off. I successful set up the IDE on my Computer. Everything compiles without errors. I created a Binding for my Purpose. Also I set up the items File for my Binding. Then I put a Breakpoint within the Function “internalReceiveCommand” and run the Debugger. The Function is like maven generated it on Standard. But it doesn’t stop when I turn the light on or off the Switches which are allocated to my Binding. What am I doing wrong?

Switch Light_GF_Corridor_Ceiling “Ceiling” (GF_Corridor, Lights) { mybinding=“bla” }
Switch Light_GF_Kitchen_Ceiling “Ceiling” (GF_Kitchen, Lights) { mybinding=“bla” }

I tried another bit around. Even the Function activate isn’t called when I start the Debugger. I put a logger.debug into the activate Function and exported the Binding with maven. Then I ran the whole thing on a newly created runtime. But I still doesn’t get the Output in the terminal of logger.debug. So I think my Binding doesn’t get loaded correctly. What can I do to debug this?

In the debugger you should ensure your new binding is selected in the eclipse launch.
I believe this will not be there by default.
Set it to start automatically

Thats true. But I already activated it so it should get started automaticly.