Binding for ABUS-Bridge

Hey there

I was looking for a wireless fingerprint reader that works with battery to put in front of my appartment-door, for I can open the door of my appartment-door, which is already part of the smarthome. Unfortunately, I was not very successful.

The only thing I found, is the ABUS CFS3100 (just a fingerprint reader), which works with the ABUS CFA3100 smartlock. Both are obviously working through bluetooth and with the bridge ABUS CFW3100 you can bring them in the internet. But unfortunately this only works with their own app or with Alexa and Google Home.

Does anybody have an idea, how I could integrate this in my openhab-system? I would even replace my Danalock-v3-smartlock with the one from ABUS, if I can integrate it in openhab (I not ordered it yet).

Thank’s for your inputs.