Binding for Ferroamp

Is there anyone who have built a addon for Ferroamp Energy hub?

Ferroamp External API specification E.pdf (928.9 KB)

seems like not. I have not seen any either so I am quit sure there isn’t any one available.
But if you like, we can try to develope one.
I have done some bindings so it will be interesting to try to build one for this system.
I have not a Ferroamp system, and I will probably not have one( regarded to my ongoing order of another system), but Ferroamp was one out of three candidates.
Btw, I live in Sweden.
So, I will do some more reading of your attached document and we will see if there is any possibllities to do something out of it. Just let me know if you are interested.
BR Basse

Hi Basse,
I do have a Ferroamp system so I can help out with testing, but I don’t have a battery as of now. Currently I have done all configuration manually.

I also live in Sweden. Just let me know if you need anything!

Regards Mikael

Great, I have just started trying to sort out the different channels needed for OH.
I will develop for OH4, so I have to do some installation of the IDE first.
I like to start with the readable data first and when it’s possible to connect to the equipment and read this info., I will continue with the configurable parameters.
Some questions, I assume that you are connected to the equipment, do you know if there is different API’s for the different type’s like Energy Hub Wall and Energy Hub XL, just like to know if I should take care of different channel-names regarded to this, and which one do you have?
I will asap start to make the information in the bundle regarded to connection-issues, if it possible for you to make some capturing with Wireshark during the connections you normally do, and send to me will it be very helpful.
And just let me know if there is anything I can do for help.
If you like we can use our regular E-post :wink: Mine is like
I think we will have this thread open also, but it might be easier for us to use the regular mail for some more specific issues.
BR Basse

I have so far done some developing regarded to the new ferroamp- binding. The binding works as expected but I still need to do some more work with it, I have to clean up the code etc.
So my schedule is to have it finshed for PR at next autumn.
If there are any questions about this binding, Please just let me know!
Br Basse