Binding for Modern Forms Smart Fans

Hello, this is my first post here.

I have multiple Modern Forms smart fans in my house and I would like to be able to control them using OpenHAB. However, it looks like a binding does not exist for Modern Forms products. I have already been in contact with Modern Forms support about controlling the fans over my own network and they referred me to the Hubitat community which eventually led me to this repo on GitHub GitHub - gjunky/hubitat-ModernForms: hubitat code.

Based on the code in that repository, it appears Modern Forms smart fans use a simple HTTP API for control. I have looked over that code to create an Insomnia workspace that implements all of the commands, I have tested using my own fixtures and it all appears to work as expected.

After reading through the developer documentation, I am confident that developing a new binding is something I can do to both add functionality and to learn more about OpenHAB’s inner workings.

Is anyone aware of an existing effort to create a binding for Modern Forms smart fans? If not, I intend to create the binding under the namespace org.openhab.binding.modernforms (which does not currently exist in the repo).

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I’m not aware of any existing effort and a quick search landed me here. I just bought a couple of Modern Form fans and would be interested in binding for them as well. Let me know if you need any help.