Binding for Nibe S1255 heat pump?


My ground source heat pump (Nibe S1255) has now been installed. I installed NibeUplink binding but when trying to add new Items manually it lists only F-series heat pumps and not any S-series pumps. So, does this binding work with S1255? If it doesn’t what do you recommend?

The current Bondin doesn’t work. You do have a few options though. You can access the web api (there’s a thread for that, use the search) or you can enable modbus on the pump and access it directly over a tcp connection. I’m currently doing the first mentioned, but tested the modbus connection once and it definitely works. Just haven’t come around to change over to that yet.
Obviously it would be nice if the current binding could be modified to use modbus-tcp with the s-series, but that’s above my skill level.

Many thanks for the info. I had a quick look at the web api but it seems to have some limitations. I enabled Modbus tcp and that seems to be working. I’m not sure yet whether you can change any of the parameters (e.g. heating curve) with it, though.