Binding for Niko connected switch

hello I’m New Here, I am the owner of a domotic system Niko connected switch, it is not the home control system it has a box to control lights switches and other compatible device and it s connected to wifi and the net and I used my smartphone to turn on and off the lights. my question is do you think it is possible to create a binding to use it with Alexa like the Binding used for the home control system ?

thank you for your answers.

So what is it exactly.
Brand, model?

If there is a binding for it then it is not a problem to control it with openHAB and thereafter with alexa

Hello and thank you for your answering it is the bridge
Niko connected switch .
and all the equipment works on the frequency 868.3 mhz the bridge is connected to the home network and to the internet and it allows me to control the equipment via my mobile I can use also a web interface.

I really would like to make it work with Alexa voice recognition because I’m Hayley handicap and would be more easy for me I have tried to code a little bit with the example of the home control binding hope it could work
thank you for your help.