Binding for Revogi Smart Strip - SOW019

Hi there,

thanks to all openHab developers, with release 2.5 it was possible and easy enough for me to develop my very first own binding.

It’s a binding for Revogi Smart Strip, model SOW019, see for details. You can find the source code at

I started with a small prototype more than one year ago, after I figured out how to control Revogi’s Smart Strip without using cloud services or their app, without being dependent on internet access for using it.

I think I’ll create a PR soon, but maybe you have some feedback before :slight_smile:


You can find the PR at


I’m just starting with OpenHAB, with version 3. I have installed your add-on as I have REVOGI sockets (for instance from MaxSmart (Max Hauri) but it’s identical to the one you use except the socket form factor).

You say it is meant for SOW019. Can you please confirm the software version, or if the API is the same as the one described on my article here: MaxSmart/Revogi – Prise multiple automatisable et RestAPI – La vie rêvée d'Akim (it’s in french, but if you scroll down or search for http you will find the API commands I found) ?

I currently have firmware 1.30 and still use app (on iphone and android) version 1.x (1.5.7 on my iphone). I never approved the upgrade as I’m pretty sure it closes the API access and only allow to use the cloud.

Anyway. I get a “An error occurred: Unsupported Media Type” message when I try to add all after scan (discovery worked like a charm). And I wondered if this was related to the model version detection.

Could you give me a lead on where I can edit that and do some testing ?

To be honest I can’t say what firmware version is running there. The app doesn’t work for me unfortunately, and I don’t know a way how to find out the version.

Here you find the code for this binding: openhab-addons/bundles/org.openhab.binding.revogi at main · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

And that’s a document I got from support when I wrote them an email: revogismartstripcontrol/LAN UDP Control.pdf at master · andibraeu/revogismartstripcontrol · GitHub

I was not able to use an API, but I could send udp packages into my network.

Before writing this binding, I tried things with a small web service: GitHub - andibraeu/revogismartstripcontrol: A service to control your Revogi Smartstrip device in your local network

Thank you.

The main differences I see here are:

  • V3 API is used. I wonder if this is the updated API I would get if I let the Max Hauri App 2.0 update my firmware (The app says MaxSmart 2 V3… So … just a guess).
  • Port 8888 is now used. On my version, it’s still port 80
  • Command numbers have changed. I see command 20 for switch on/off. So V3 API has not the same command numbers…

What you shared is useful. I’ll give it some thoughts.

I still wonder if I should try to update one of my strips, or if I should get to work on developing a binding of my own. Not sure it worth the effort…

Hallo @andibraeu ,

It’s been a long time. I have developed a python module. It works great with version 1.30.

It works as well for version 2.11 however, discovery does not give the name and port name. However it will provide the IP addresses, and then the commands will work. If you want to give it a try if you still have the products, I’m happy to help and make some changes if necessary.

I don’t own such a device anymore, so I can’t help with development.