Binding Hiseeu NVR in OpenHab

So I bought this Hiseeu HD NVR Kit.

Besides taking mora than 2 months arriving and one of the cameras actually does not work as well as the mouse was broken and there was some scratches on some equipment (the package arrived in bad shape and now I am complaining with them), even so I want to use this anyway.

So, I have searched for Hiseeu on the forum and it seems that there is nothing talking about this brand.

Have anyone ever made a binding with this NVR?

How and where can I start to bind this with my OpenHab 2?

Thank you very much in advance guys.

I hope this setup is local and not a Chinese cloud solution.
You have to find out how the camera communicate with the server, then people can tell you more.
With no information what so ever it’s just a shot in the dark.

Yes, it’s local fortunately. :slight_smile:

I mean, I can use their cloud if I want to remotely access the cameras via mobile, but that’s exactly what I don’t want to do.

I want to connect to my network and then proceed from there.

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One is for cameras and for cars? :ghost:
Apparently this is your product but looks a bit different



I wanted to get some manuals or documentation about this product but…
The “Download” button is not even working :grimacing: (for me, please try yourself)

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Thank you for your quick feedback and help.

Well this one is very weird indeed. Two different websites, apparently nothing to do one with the other.

Regarding the equipment, the one I have is the one on their official website, not the image from Banggood.

Fortunately I have a old laptop here with a CD drive and I could get the PDF file with the manual from there.

Unfortunately though, the manual doesn’t seem to have anything to help with my doubts - at least as far as I could see.

Here’s the file: Wireless-NVR-System-User-Manual_low.pdf (982.1 KB)

Thank you very much!

Can anyone help me out? Please?

Up up up, anyone? :slight_smile:

Perhaps be more specific - what do you want to DO?
openHAB is not an NVR - it will not record video streams nor give you tools to search in old video.

You want to embed video in your openHAB display? Or act on motion sensing?

First let me thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

Yes, I know OpenHab can’t act as an NVR and for that I already have the equipment. Well, I would be very happy with only video in real time. That’s it.

Adding as a bonus, if I could have the option of “motion detection” also in OH, it would be awesome.

But hey, having video in real time, for my case it would be already really nice. :slight_smile:

But doing what with video? I’ll guess that you want to embed a video feed frame in your UI. openHAB barely needs to know anything about that. What UI?

Your challenge is likely finding a URL on your NVR to get a feed.

Exactly, that’s what I want to do. Simply showing a video feed on my OH panel, side-by-side with my buttons so I can have a screen with “all-in-one”. Basically something similar to what we can get in Home Assistant.

openHAB is the wrong tool for the job you have in mind. Go and take a look at the likes of zoneminder, which is a solution to manage all your CCTV systems on one platform.

To get video streams into your openHAB sitemaps is going to take some hacking, but possible.