Binding issues

Hi all , i am new to openhab and have issues with creating a binding i am currently developing as there are currently no bindings that fufilll the purpose at the moment , would be nice to have an experienced person to discuss the issues with or perhaps there’s even a better approach.

Thank you in anticipation

If you could type a bit more about problem you face or device kind you wish to integrate, you will get some tips. There are many bindings and navigation over all of them is pretty hard for new developers. Sometimes underlying “design patterns” are hidden until you get pointer where or how to look for then.

The purpose of describing your issue has a major benefit - it does fill a gap in docs and tutorials. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response lukasz, i am creating a new binding to provide an integration for my companies device however i am not so familiar with creating new bindings even after going through the documentation hence the reason why i need some guidance

The easiest way to start is following developer guide: Developer Guide | openHAB

There you will find information how to setup development environment and generate binding skeleton. Once you’re done with IDE next step is binding development part of docs which will guide you into lifecycle of thing handlers (which interact with devices or cloud services), basics of the configuration framework and communication with upper layers of openHAB through commands and states.

After successfully creating my binding skeleton and everything works fine , importing the binding file into eclipse always run into error , i have tried its several times and switched to intelij but perharps i am missing something . what do you suggest i do

Eclipse stuff is more error prone cause it does more for you than intellij. When you work with later one you miss several checks which eclipse does. Another thing is that have to run openhab on the side and update manually build module (ie. update 300 file:/home/xx/.../mybinding-3.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar), cause you can’t do “run as” and configure ad-hoc execution to spin openhab core with only your addon.

I use intellij in above way, cause it works for all java projects in the same way. Additional checks can be always performed via maven. If you can’t manage eclipse complexities then don’t waste time on it.

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