Binding KNX V2 on Qnap

Hello.First day for me on OpenHAB. I deployed OpenHAB on my QNAP NAS via openHAB_2.2.0-1.qpkg.
Unfortunately I have access to the addon-on “binding-knx1 - 1.11.0” and not V2.
I can not interact with KNX yet. :’(
Can we have the addon in V2 on QNAP? If yes, how?

For your version the answer is no. knx2 needs at least openHAB2.3. The big question is: is there a current version of openHAB2 as qpkg? seems, there is another build here:

Oh dont see ! Thank! i try if my Qnap is avaible :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Work fine!! Big thank :slight_smile: The QPKG is not update on official documentation but your link is ok :wink: