Binding request: DALI/RS485/BACnet

Hey all
Has anyone can help creating a skills binding for openhab with DALI/RS485/BACnet? These protocols are used for legacy bus devices in the buildings.

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I am also interested in DALI bus lighting. I would like to have own binding, but I am beginner in openhab. So I would rather use serial binding to send preconfigured commands to turn on/off lights. I am communicating with DALI bus by DALI/RS232 interface.

You can find complete communication protocol here
That’s the first step before binding.

Is there anyone who can help?

So there is no way to connect with DALI directly, unless via KNX?

we are starting a project to bind OpenHAB to DALI using our Raspberry Pi Hat.

Any suggestions or info would be appreciated

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I’m very happy to see a native DALI Binding. I ended up buying an MDT KNX/DALI Bridge, but it will be great to have native control.

How is this progressing?
Native DALI is a very important binding for many people!
Is there anything I/we can do to carry this forward?

Hi Martin

We can offer a complete set of hardware to someone who wants to work on this.