Binding request: Husqvarna automover

Hello community

I’ve got the documentation from Husqvarna’s API, which is also used by thier app, to control thier automover with integrated SIM cards.

As Im not a developer, I’m asking for your support to create a binding for that.
Who’s in?


Go to Bountysource & set up a bounty for it to attract developers.

it is already in preparation

so, good chance to see it in the 2.6.7

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yes. perfect. with release 2.5.9 it’s out now :wink: many thx for this binding.
Up to now I connected my Automower (Connect module is necessary) via php scripts
as it is described in the Husqvarna Link:

Therefore it was quite easy for me to activate the binding:

Short summary for necessary steps as far as I can remember:
1.) register at
2.) create API Key at husqvarnagroup webpage
3.) install bundle in your openhab installation
4.) configure thing as described in binding description (username/password: husqvarnagroup login; API-Key: from husqvarnagroup webpage after login - has to be created on your own)
5.) I’m not sure where to get your mowerid (thing file). I made some REST Calls as mentioned in the swagger to list all my mowers and as mentioned at the beginning: I already have a PHP script to make all necessary steps for OAuth2 + Mower interface, therefore the Mower-key already exists in my logfiles, and I just used these key…