Binding Request: Openmotics


Anyone knows if someone is working on a binding to openmotics? Seems a good open source automation system, but the only GUI it has is through the cloud.


I’m Kenneth from OpenMotics and I think you also send us an email using our contact page if I’m correct. In any case, I’ll be reply’ing the same here for future reference.

We do not (yet) officially support OpenHAB or provide bindings for it, but one of our users did integrate his OpenMotics installation with his OpenHAB installation of which you can find everything on his github page:

I also would like to add that the cloud is completely optional, but the local interface (the GUI running on the Gateway module that has no requirement for connection to the cloud whatsoever) has at this moment a rather limited set of functionality. However, we are aware of this and are working on a new version of this local interface so more functionality will be available; starting from a CLI console in the browser towards a complete interface to program basically everything.

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