Binding Request: ZeverCloud - ZeverSolar - PV Inverter

I need help reading data from zevercloud server
until November 2020 the old method for unencrypted data reading from the server worked, but it has been disabled and I can’t handle it myself, I’m not a programmer
pvoutput supports the new method, also here you can find help information: Homey Zevercloud app leest de api niet meer ? · Issue #4 · biemond/com.athom.zevercloud · GitHub
so far it was enough to ask the server using the API key and the server returned the response in JSON format, which was easy to implement in openhab
unfortunately, currently we need to use the app key and secret key
I have all 3 keys (api key, app key, secret key) and usinh them on the pvoutput website I get data from my inverter, theoretically in next step I could use the pvoutput API in openhab but this website updates the data every 5 minutes and this is not enough for me

is there anyone able to help me with this?
my openhab server runs on docker, so that limits the use of external scripts?

API documentation in the attachment
zevercloud api-en2018-04-18.pdf (684.4 KB)

thanks in advance and best regards,