Binding shutting down approx once a week

I am using the OLA binding on my RPI3, however the Ola keeps shutting down once a week approximately.

I log on to my RPI with the pi user from putty and type:

olad -l 3
ctrl +z

So after a week when my lights stop working, I have to repeat this progress. So I tried to add this cron rule(no errors in ESH) but it make all my light rules not work:

rule "Restart ola"
		Time cron "0 45 3 ? * *"

yes its an ugly try to fix my problem…

So I also tried to register ola as an service, but i am unable to enable it, here is my service file(edit with the pi user)

sudo nano /usr/lib/systemd/system/olad.service

[Unit] Description=Open Lightning Architecture Daemon

[Service] ExecStartPre=/bin/mkdir -p /etc/ola ExecStart=/usr/bin/olad --config-dir /etc/ola Type=simple User=ola Restart=always RestartSec=0


So what am i missing/doing wrong?