Binding to integrate with imagery generated by motion detection CCTV

That’s good to hear that there was nothing majorly wrong.

The timestamp token isn’t used in the group.html template file.

My group file looks like this:

  <a href="/snapshot?name=${itemName}&action=list&size=600:300&group=${groupIndex}">
  <img width="500" height="300" src="/snapshot?name=${itemName}&action=snapshot&size=500:300&group=${groupIndex}">

Yes snapshot runs as openhab.

Works great in my firefox browser.
Unfortunately I cannot scroll down on my iPhone App to see more than 2 images.
It works well in Safari though, so I guess it’s related to the OH App.

but you can always go directly to the snapshot web page at
http://yourserver/snapshot instead of the OH app…

Yes, this works like a charm.

I tried this binding, and I find it really very relevant to the security of the house. Thanks to its developer, I hope it will be compatible with version 2 of openhab.

Hey, after reading about your work it sounds brilliant and exactly what I’m looking for on my new OpenHAB 2 solution. Have you ported or tested it with OH2 yet?

In either case I’d be really interested in trying it - testing it with you if required However I can’t find where I might download just the binding. Can you help please?