Binding Z-Wave Garage Door Sensor to Garage Door Item

I am brand new to OpenHab, Z-Wave, all of it. I have OpenHab installed and running, I have Habmin and Habmin2 running. I am running it on Windows 7. I have a Aeotec Z-Stick Gen 5 running, I have it talking to a MonoPrice Z-Wave Garage Door Sensor. I am able to see the z-wave bindings to the sensor and everything looks good under ‘Bindings’. I am able to go into my sitemap, drill into a garage group and I have the garage door item listed.

The problem is, I can not link my item to the z-wave node. I can go to the item in habmin, i can go to the bindings tab. However it will not let me enter anything in the config/properties windows. It creates them and lets me type in the values for name and string but it will not save anything. I am also not entirely sure what I should be typing in there. something like zwave=“9:SENSOR_BINARY=11” or something.

Can anyone help me with what I am doing wrong? After 6 hours and I do not have a single device working.


It’s been a little while since I’ve used HABmin1, but from memory, once you’ve typed the data into the the box (which sounds like it’s working?) then I think you need to change the tab back to the main device tab and click SAVE (or OK, or whatever it’s called).

Regarding what you type in, I’m not sure - but what you have above is definately wrong. I don’t know what the 11 is, but you probably want something like zwave="9:command=SENSOR_BINARY".


I tried your command. I do that and click save and a pop up says the item configuration was saved, but if I click on something else and come back it is blank again. I still am not sure of the item itself is configured correctly. I used the demo items as my guide. I could not find any tutorials online for this.

If you have not used habmin1 in a while is there a better way?

Thank you for the command.

Not really - I’m developing HABmin2 at the moment, but this is targeted at OH2…

If you can’t save the item configs using HABmin, then you can always write them directly into the item files directly using a text editor.

Really, HABmin ought to work though… Do you see the data being written into the configurations/items folder?

There is data and the file is being updated. I see

Group Garage “Garage”
Contact GarageDoor “Garage Door [%b]” (Garage) { binding="" }

I changed to
Contact GarageDoor “Garage Door [%b]” (Garage) {zwave=“9:command=SENSOR_BINARY”}

I see no change on the front end. I do see that in habmin under item-bindings now.