Bindings arent working

bindings wont show up in bindings tab.

Solution is Blue.

Sorry but a bit more info, if you want an answer you can use :slight_smile:

Maybe no Internet connection? Did you wait for like 5 sek. so it can load?

yes it still doesnt.

Well I just saw you already had problems When i set up openhab and try to connect through my browser the first time it says connection refused

You should start reading the Manual :wink:

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ive installed bindings on paper ui for example hue emulator and mqtt binding and although the show up as installed when i go in inbox or in the config. tab and binding it doesnt show up there. it shows in the services tab but not in the bindings tab.

i already fixed all my past issues

You clearly did not read the manual…

MQTT Manual

Take a step back and start reading the manuals, this should help you!

i actually have and these problems starded when i decided to completely reset my openhab server all my sitemaps an items are funtioning but not the bindings

Okay lets start new.

What openHAB Version?
What OS ?
Why did you reset your openHAB?
What makes you think the binding aren’t working?

The Devil is in the Details.

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-because my last setup was sloppy and i wanted a fresh start.
-in the “services” tab i can see my hue emulation but when go to inbox i cant press the binding option because its just not there.

  1. openhab 2 is not a valid answer. There is openhab 2.0 2.1 2.X
    Try ssh openhab@localhost -p 8101 with password habopen and write down the Version number
  2. openhabianpi ? you meant openHABian right? hint: use uname -a
  3. Well okay
  4. RTFM! The “Service” tab DOES NOT display Bindings. The “Bindings” Tab displays Bindings…
    Also the HUE Emulation Service is a Service not a Binding.
    I think you are looking for the Phillips Hue Binding ? or something else?

What ? You mean like searching for Things ? or Binding configuration ? What are you describing?

ok im sorry i was mistaken and i just realized (thanks to your comment) i forgot to install the hue binding. but lets change to the mqtt part. i have he mqtt binding set up with the mqtt.cfg set up with the mqtt.fx app on my mac and i have an item set up

Switch JGDoorController "Door Controller" <door> [ "Switchable" ] {mqtt=">[broker:JG-SmartHouse/utilities/JG-DoorController1:command:ON:OPEN],>[broker:JG-SmartHouse/utilities/JG-DoorController1:command:OFF:CLOSE]"}

and on my last open hab set up it worked fine but not anymore.

“MQTT FX” The JavaFX based MQTT Client.
So you are using a MQTT Client on your MAC.

Do you have a MQTT Broker, the Server?
(silly question I know but must be asked!)

yes the broker is mqtt.fx

Are you 100% sure? I just read a little about MQTT.fx but it seems to be a MQTT Client not a Broker or both.
If you use openHABian why dont you use mosquitto as MQTT Broker?
sudo openhabian-config
Optional Components

That would be the easy way.

oh yes sorry im really new at all this i am using mosquitto

No Problem at all! Happy to help!

so whats my issue here is it my code?

My mqtt.cfg

Switch   MySwitch "Smoker ON" (g_Outdoor, g_MYSQL)  { mqtt=">[mosquitto:cmnd/sonoff-977686/POWER:command:*:default], <[mosquitto:stat/sonoff-977686/POWER:state:default]" }

MQTT can be confusing at start. Reading the Manual does really help.