Bindings for NFC-Reader, Fingerprint-Reader, Barcode-Scanner, Kodi (XMBC)


i’ve developed some bindings for OH2 and was wondering, if any others want to use these bindings cause i found no similar ones. At the moment there are:

Binding for NFC-Reader:

  • with java wrapper for libnfc -
  • Polls for NFC Tags and can read the uid
  • scaned ids are set to a string item

Binding for Fingerprint Reader:

  • with java wrapper for libfprint -
  • a simple app is included to enroll a finger, and save them with a uid, name and picture to a database
  • the scanning process in OH2 is started with the help of a switch (e.g. over rules) (libfprint doesnt support polling so far as i know)
  • the scanned finger is compared to the fingers in the database and if a match is found, the informations (uid, name) is returned (at the moment the name is set to an Item).

Binding for a Barcodescanner (Honeywell):

  • scans the tag and set the value to a string item
  • at the moment it should only run under linux

Binding for Kodi:

  • simple client for kodi, to access it via jsonrpc
  • can send a notification to kodi with the help of a string item (simple post a string command to this item)
  • the client can also start playing of a file(video, sound) or show an image
  • the client should also be easy to extend

For me, the Bindings do what I want, but the setup for nfc-reader and fingerprint reader needs a bit more attention.
I use them on Ubuntu cause for Windows it can be very hard to compile the source for libnfc and libfprint.

If anybody is interested, the code is on under bindings.
I can also upload the code for the nfc-reader and the fingerprint reader to github.



The NFC tag reader sounds interesting to me… If it could work on windows that would be even better.

I’m pretty sure there is already a Kodi binding,although I only use 1.x so maybe it’s just for that…

Hey André,
Thanks for sharing, I was looking for Kodi/Openhab2 binding and up to now only found the one you proposed.
I just tried to use your Kodi binding, but I get the following issue:

  • Missing Constraint: Import-Package: org.eclipse.jetty.client; version=”9.2.9”
  • Or
  • @runtime: org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Could not resolve module: org.openhab.binding.kodi [125]
    Unresolved requirement: Import-Package: org.eclipse.jetty.client; version=“9.2.9”

I modified org.openhab.binding.kodi\META-INF\MANIFEST.MF , similarly to the one in avmfritz . But that does not seem to help.
Any feedback for a newbie is welcome.


Hi, do you load the jetty client plugin (in Eclipse: Run Configurations -> PlugIns)?

As i was looking for a kodi binding, i´ve forgotten to search after a XBMC binding (XBMC was renamed to kodi). There is already a binding for OH 1, which has much more functions and should also run in OH2.

Hope that helps.

The NFC Library can also work under windows. Unfortunately, the binaries have to be compiled by your own (crosscompiling). The library works with a lot of nfc readers. Also, there are already some Java Wrappers (with other native libs) for nfc devices, but none of them worked with the one i have (

I have not much experience in crosscompiling and JNA/JNI. I know, the native nfc library can be wrapped into the Java Project (also for different Plattforms e.g. linux and win) . This would make the installation process much easier.
Unfortunately i have not much time at the moment, to work on it. But i can share the code for the libnfc Java Wrapper, if somebody want´s to use it.



@andre_kuehnie, Yes that did the trick. Thanks!
I tried the OH1-binding with no luck, will dig deeper to understand why if needed…

Hi Andre,

I am very interesting about the NFC binding. Is this still under development and compatible to the openhab2.0 release? Such a binding would be very helpful for me.

Are there any plans to proceed with the development?

Have a nice Sunday