Bindings - importing external devices info

ok - very new to Openhab and still really trying to figure my way around. Two of the items that have piqued my interest are the Insteon and Mios bindings as I am leverage both zwave and insteon fairly heavily; however one issue with openhab I am having an issue coming to terms with is having to “reimport” (ok well, map) all my devices. Obviously, this is a one time deal, but I see it as very manual and error-prone. Is there any method to bulk import device info?

Thanks and sorry if this is a dumb question

The MiOS Binding comes with an openHAB Item Generator that generates and Items file for you.

It does this by extracting the relevant metadata from the MiOS Unit (over IP, using curl) and then transforming/mapping the MiOS Device/StateVariable info into the corresponding openHAB Items.

You’d only need to repeat this process if something is added to the MiOS Unit (like a new ZWave Device, or a MiOS Plugin)

Awesome! found the info in the scripts section. Thank you. Now if only this was a more widely adopted practice. Would be great to have this for Insteon, Harmony, etc… Oh well. Thanks!