Bindings & UI gone after update?


Every time when I update my OH2 with apt-get, it seems that my bindings & userinterfaces are removed?
I can easy reinstall them by paperUI, but of course, some work that can/should be avoid.

Any idea what’s going on, or how I can solve this?

I have the same issue, see also All settings lost after an apt-get upgrade

For me the solution was to switch completely to configuration files and not touch the Paper UI at all. I consider this being more straightforward anyhow, since I don’t want to struggle with databases AND config files to backup and restore.

Just add all bindings/UIs etc. to the addons.cfg and you’re done.

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Ahh, make sense why my zwave, knx and rdd4j were present after a upgrade.
They were in the addon.cfg file. :blush:

I’ll have a look to add my extra’s in the addon file, but of course, would be nice that the option ‘install’ works in paperUI. Or being disabled/warned if it fails for the moment. To avoid misunderstanding in the future… :wink: