Bitron smoke alarm trigger as siren not possible?!

Hi all,

I’m facinated about what is possible with openhab 2.
I’m nearly finish with setting up (coming/take over the devices from Telekom smart home solution) my alarm system with HM window/door sensors and necessay rule settings.
But today I tried to add my bitron smoke alarm (902010/24) but unfortunatelly I recognized that it is not possible in OH2 to setup an siren alarm manually (which was/is possible with the telekom solution).
In paper UI the thing has only bind one Switch item which tuned automatically to ON if smoke is detected.
Has anyone a solution to trigger the siren manually to the Bitron smok alarm item?

Thanks a lot.


Paper UI is just for setting up the system.

In an end-user UI, based ona sitemap or on HABpanel etc., you could put a switch to trigger the siren.

Yes I know, but which Thing should triggern These Switch? I have only the Thing called Smoke Alarm which is bind with the bitron Item. If I Set These Switch to On within the sitemap nothing happen. Any ideas?
Does anyone ever used this smoke alarm with OH2?

Ah, I misunderstood.
You’re looking for another channel for your alarm.
In OpenHAB, a ‘Thing’ loosely represents a device, but a Thing can have several channels for different things - battery state, smoke detected, sound alarm etc.

Sorry for my missunderstanding or wrong description of the problem.
The thing called “Bitron smoke alarm” has only one channel = Smokealarm, which is bind to a Switch.
I thought that these switch could be trigger by a user via sitemap, BUT as I have leand it is only be triggered by the Thing itself if an smoke alarm was detected.
Okay to sum up I have to look for an alternativ alarm siren, to get this functionality working :wink:
Thanks for your help! :slight_smile: