BLE beacons configuration in OH3 using Bluetooth Binding

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Hi, I am a new user of OH3. I have installed OH3 on RPI4 2GB RAM model connected with Wi-Fi.
I have installed Bluetooth Binding (Bluetooth BlueZ Adaptor) and I am able to search the Bluetooth devices and add them as things and link them to items.
I have connected a BLE beacon and linked it to an item, the issues I am facing is as below:

  1. The Beacon once powered ON, is discovered by BlueZ Adaptor and the Thing status changes to ONLINE, as expected, but if I power off the beacon, the status never changes to OFFLINE, it remains ONLINE. (Is this also expected behavior).
  2. When its first time ONLINE it updates the RSSI value, but the change in the RSSI value is very infrequent even if I am moving the beacon.
  3. Beacon configuration does not have polling interval or scan interval settings, is there anyway I can set the scan interval, I want the beacons to be scanned every 10 seconds. If not available Thing status should change to OFFLINE.

My requirement:
I want to use beacons as presence detection, so want the thing status to change ONLINE and OFFLINE within few seconds.
Beacon I am using is Trackr Pixel.

I use a very stupid method, disable the adapter every minute and enable it again so the beacon will refresh its status every minute.
I’m looking for a better solution too …

My use case exactly, and I’m facing the same problems.
Any solution yet?

I’m all up for a working work around- how did you set it up?
Are you using the built in BlueZ adaptor?
Is it working for you?