BLE integration: openHAB Binding vs. MQTT to BLE-Gateway


I’m new to this forum, but have been using openHAB for quite a while now and really like the concept.
Up until now I have connected a few Particle Photons via MQTT and this works pretty well. A few days ago my Bluz DK arrived and I’m thinking about the best way to connect it to openHAB.
I’m not interested in using the particle cloud and have two alternatives in mind:
a) Implementing a simple MQTT to BLE-Gateway (probably using node.js) so that the interface in openHAB looks the same for Particle Photons and bluz devices.
b) Using/Implementing a binding in openHAB, which lets me talk to the BLE device directly.

I’m new to developing my own bindings and may have overlooked an easier solution, which is already available.
I’d be interested in opinions on which way is the smarter one to go or whether there may be additional options I did not see yet.

Thanks for input in advance,
have a nice day,

Hi @SymanK

There has already been some work on an ESH (OH2) binding for BLE though it’s not finished - see here. I don’t know the current progress but maybe it would be worth trying to get involved over there.

Hope that helps.

Hi @danielwalters86,
thanks for the pointer in the right direction!
I must have overlooked that binding when I was searching for places to start from earlier.
I’ll take a look at the approach later. It sounds promising.

Thanks for the help,