Blinds in Google Home

Hello I have two blinds and the items get synced to Google but if I control “Rolladen” both act. Actually I can see both “Rolladen” and “Store” in Google Home. What did I do wrong that both are opening/closing with the trigger “Rolladen” ?


Rollershutter RollershutterControl "Rolladen" <blinds> (gWohnzimmer_Blinds) ["Blinds"] {channel="zwave:device:1cdf3522:node2:blinds_control"}

Rollershutter BlindsControl "Store" <blinds> (gWohnzimmer_Blinds) ["Blinds"] {channel="zwave:device:1cdf3522:node3:blinds_control"}

I only use file.items for them.

Thanks for any hint.

I can just say that I have the same issue. Sometimes I get only the one intended, but that’s rare.
But there seems to some logic to it - I just can’t understand it. :slight_smile:

Does it only happens when you use Google Home?


Thats very odd…
Is it by voice control only, or by pressing the button in the Google Home app, or both?

EDIT - arrh… Just come to think… You cant use the button in Google Home app for rollershutters, right? So this has to be voice only…

Perhaps try change the label on one of them… I have notice that sometimes when I tell Google to “close window 3”, it somehow misunderstand, and closing all windows insted. (I have 8 windows, all named “Window [1-8]”… Could be the same issue you´re facing… I have thought about changing the label for my windows to test, but I havn´t had time to deal with it.

@Kim_Andersen is basically correct.
Google Home is trying to help you. The first item in the OP is named “shutters” in German. And if you ask Google to close shutters, it closes shutters. So basically any and all shutters.
So what you should do is to give the item a more specific label, like kitchen shutters, front shutters, or anything like that. (And then in German obviously)

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But this is at my setup not the case different names. Also it confirms to close TWO Rolladen. So i will rename Rolladen to something else. Some times difficult to choose a name you remember and google understands… As I understand now, trigger Rolladen still should close both after I renamed it.

When I name my devices, I try to think of, what would I say, if I was asking a real human to do the action, and the add whatever I can to avoid misunderstandings. Even though GA is suppose to be intelligent, it´s not human. In this case it´s actually pretty stupid. But it can hardly ever be anything else.
So, in your case, I would probably name it:

"(Rollershutter) in (room) [%d]"

Replace (Rollershutter) with your Rolladen, and (room) with the actual room the rollershutter is located in.

Then when I tell GA to control the Rollershutter, I would say, “Hey Google, close the Rollershutter in Livingroom” or something simular.

Now it works - Rolladen still will close/open all…

Rollershutter RollershutterControl "Schtoren rechts" <blinds> (gWohnzimmer_Blinds) ["Blinds"] {channel="zwave:device:1cdf3522:node2:blinds_control"}

Rollershutter BlindsControl "Schtoren vorne" <blinds> (gWohnzimmer_Blinds) ["Blinds"] {channel="zwave:device:1cdf3522:node3:blinds_control"}


Yes, thats because Rolladen is a unique name and Google thinks you mean all of them when you dont specificly tell which one.
It´s the same with Light. If you tell Google to turn of the Light, (in a room where there is not specified a light/lamp), it will turn off every light you have set up in Google Home. A really bad idea from Google, in my opinion. I believe Siri is doing the same. Dont know about Alexa.
If you speak to your Google Home device in a room where there is a light connected, Google will turn off this specific light only. (Thats the good part).

So you have to be carefull with the unique names. Stay away from them or add more to the to make the specific for the device you´re controlling, Otherweise it can really mess things up for you :slight_smile:

Did you resync all devices?

To Goggle? Yes…