Blinking/Flashing text in sitemap

Evening All,

Is it possible to make text item blink in sitemap ? I have some warning information to display as in different colours but if I could make it blink as well that would be fab.

If anyone knows the command to implement the above please let me know.

Many thanks

I’ve not tested this but I think you can use HTML formatting in your label. Try “My Item label” and see what happens. If it doesn’t work, the answer is probably no.

I’m fairly certain it can be done with an XML encoded SVG image…

Or at least you could animate something?

ngAnimate ?

ngApp ?

Or there is a Typewriter effect ?

Well, OP was asking about sitemap so I assumed BasicUI, not HABPanel. There are lots more options for this sort of thing in HABPanel for sure.

Whoops, missed that little detail

To do this in BasicUI is far from trivial.
There are ways to insert your own scripts and styling, see this topic:

However, elements in BasicUI do not have specific identifiers for elements within the UI, so you would need to perform the styling based on the content of the element with Javascript. Something like, for example, find the element which content starts with "Warning message: ", and if the content of that element includes something like “front door is open”, apply a style which makes it blink orange.
And of course you could extend this as much as you like.
But that would mean you’d have to completely tailor it to your specific needs and to the specific content that can appear in the text item.

Cheers guys. I will try with using HTML formatting in “My item label” and will post results.

Is it somehow possible in oh3 to let a label or text blinking ?

Start a new thread with keyword MainUI, if that’s what you mean.

Or HABpanel is still in use.

It’s still very difficult to do in BasicUI.