"Blocking" command execution

Hi guys,

I’m trying to achieve the following; “if terrace door is open, don’t shut it’s rollershutters”.

The basics are working fine, so I can up/stop/down the rollershutter [OG_Buero_ROL_TUE_Ost] and a sensor [OG_Buero_SEN_TUE] provides OFF (= door open) and ON (= door closed) state for that specific door.

My question is if there’s a better way to tell OH to leave the rollershutter-state as it is (like something compareable to “blocking”) or if it’s already “the” solution?

rule "ROL/Sperre Bürotüre"
	when Item OG_Buero_ROL_TUE_Ost received command then
		if (OG_Buero_SEN_TUE.state == OFF)
			var Number OG_Buero_ROL_TUE_Ost_OLD = OG_Buero_ROL_TUE_Ost.state

Many thanks in advance & BR,

In such case you should not use the item that is linked to the rollershutter on the UI!
Create a (proxy-) item of the same type which is not linked to any thing instead.
Use a rule that triggers on this proxy-item. In that rule check to state of the door as you did in your example and in case the door is close send the command to the item operating the rollershutter.

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Your code is going is a loop.
Receive command - send command - receive command …

As @opus said you need to use a proxy item and use that to send the command to your rollerShutter item:

rule "Block rollershutter"
    Item proxy_Roller changed
    if (OG_Buero_SEN_TUE.state == ON) { // Door closed
        OG_Buero_ROL_TUE_Ost.sendCommand(proxy_Roller.state as Number)
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Hi guys - many thanks for your help, but when I add this to my rules/items nothing happens, it doesn’t matter if the door is open or closed. I don’t get any errors/warnings or log entries. I’ve even restarted OH.

knx.items (where the UI item is nested):

Rollershutter OG_Buero_ROL_TUE_Ost "Büro Türe [%d %%]" <rollershutter> (groups) {channel}

proxy.items (where the proxy item is nested):

Rollershutter PROXY_OG_Buero_ROL_TUE_Ost "PROXY Büro Türe [%d %%]" <rollershutter> (groups)

rollo.rules (the adapted rule of @vzorglub) :

rule "ROLLO/Sperre Bürotüre"
	when Item PROXY_OG_Buero_ROL_TUE_Ost changed then
		if (OG_Buero_SEN_TUE.state == ON)
			OG_Buero_ROL_TUE_Ost.sendCommand(PROXY_OG_Buero_ROL_TUE_Ost.state as Number)
		else if (OG_Buero_SEN_TUE.state == OFF)
			// send Telegram for error handling

…further down below the rule-snippet in my “master rollershutter rule”:



I’d put in some logInfo lines in order to see if the rule gets triggered and which if statement is run.